Month of Thanks – Days 5 & 6

So I got a little behind on this but I am going to finish this MONTH of Thanks!

November 5th – Photography blogs are what I am thankful for today.  These blogs share their stories and photographs.  I love top 10 list, client stories, and how these blogs encourage me and many other to become better photographer.  I am truly thankful for this indirect support.

The following are some blogs that I follow such as:

You might take a look at these blogs.  I find them all interesting for so many different reasons. They all show me a different way to look at the world around me.

November 6th – Beautiful eyes is what I am thankful for today.  They are windows to the souls.  The  eyes are so important in portrait photography, they can communicate a person’s thoughts and feelings.  The following photographs are some of my favorite of people’s eyes.  What do the eyes say to you?

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Going to try to make another post this evening to catch the rest of the way up.



Month of Thanks – Day 4

November 4 – Sunshine and natural light without you I would not be able to create beautiful images likes these.  Your natural glow warms the soul.  I am thankful for the light and glow you provide my photography.

Month of Thanks – Day 3

November 3 – I am thankful for my Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses!  I must say that I appreciate this company for making quality cameras and lenses.  This equipment makes it possible for me to create stunning images to share with the world.  I am thankful that this company produces excellent equipment that allows me to be able to do something I love.

Month of Thanks!

So I have decided to blog about something I am thankful for every day.  I also wanted to base this around my photography.  I am a day behind so I will post one for yesterday and then one for today.

November 1 – I am  thankful for my very supportive family and friends.  Words can not express how thankful I am for these wonderful people in my life.  These are the people that push me to the next level in my photography.  They believe in me, and appreciate my “eye”.  They help me in my time of need with kinds words and inspiring ideas.  I love you all, and I am so extremely thankful to have these great people in my life.  These three little ones mean the world to me.


November 2 – My wonderful clients who trust me to photograph their families and capture the “moments” that I hope they will treasure forever.  I am thankful that you have chosen me to be your photographer.



Balloons, Balloons, Balloons!!!!

Over the weekend I attended the Great Pershing Balloon Derby which is right outside of Brookfield, MO. I must say that this was a great little event. Due to the wind only one balloon was able to launch and they stated that he was the world champion. I didn’t catch his name, but I was trying to scramble to get my camera up to my face because he had balloon inflated and up in the air before I knew it.

World Champion

Some of the balloons were able to do the night glow but it was at their discretion because of the wind conditions. I have to say this was pretty cool and I will let you look at some of the shots. Enjoy.

By the way the next hot air balloon event in Missouri is in Forest Park in St Louis on September 16 – 18. If you are interested in the event check out their website for more details. Click the following link for their website

Another cool link I have found for hot air balloons is Hot Air They have links and information to hot air balloon events around the world.

One of my new favorite websites…..Pinterest

After a child’s photo session earlier this week, the mom was telling me about this website called Pinterest.  She was saying how you can look and pin or link images or things you like.  Create boards of these images, and put them into groups.  I have to say this is my second favorite site, after Google of course.  I can find almost anything with a Google search, but lets get back to Pinterest.

You have everything from DIY projects to architecture to photo inspiration to jewelry and hair styles.  You just click everything and these newly pinned images are up on your screen.  Or if you way to look at Wedding and Events click that button and BAM you are looking at images that have to do with Wedding and event ideas.  There is a little bit of everything on this site.  I love the Print category.  It has all these different prints, wall hangings and sayings.  It is a awesome way to find almost anything you didn’t realize you were looking for.  This site can inspire you to do a DIY project on your house.  Inspire you with an idea on how to make your wedding completely different from something you have ever seen before.  It can give you an idea of the exact chair you have been looking for to complete your living room.  It could give you that next big idea to do something that could change your life.  Need an idea for a gift for that person who has everything.  Looking for something different to cook for your next snack day at work.  Look at the tech section for that gotta have gadget. Then this site is just for you.  It has everything under the sun from A to Z.

You have to request an invite or be invited by a friend to create boards.  And the great thing is if your friends join, then you can follow each other.  They post things that they like and there you have it.  An idea what to get them for insert name of holiday here or their birthdays.  If you need an invite email me or let me know and I would be  more than happy to help you out.

Have a great weekend!

View from the Park Photo Contest

I had got two honorable mentions for my entries into the View from the Park Photo Contest that the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial was hosting.  I was so excited.  I have no idea how many entries there were but I am betting quite a few.  So I thought I would share those with you.  The last two are the ones that got an honorable mention.


I am always getting emails from various software companies about some of their new products.  Well the other day I received one from Nik Software for Snapseed.  It is app for the iphone and ipad.  Sorry android users maybe they will put it out on the android market soon.


Snapseed is a photo editing software for your phone and it is amazing.  I really love it and the price is great because it is only 4.99.  Which I think is pretty darn good for a new software from Nik.  I love Nik so that is why I am raving about it.  I love how I can improve or do crazy edits to my pictures with a slide of my fingers.  So if  you have not purchased a photo editing software for your iphone/ipad. I must say I recommend this one.  Or if you have a software that you are just unhappy with then give this one a try.  I have been quite happy with it.

Photography Exhibit at Capital Arts

I wanted to share with everyone my latest photographs that are on display for the Photography exhibit at Capital Arts in Jefferson City, MO.  I love to be able to mat and frame my photographs to give that complete finished look.  It is just amazing to be able to take my photograph and vision and see it hanging on a wall.

I decided to call this one “Vintage Ride”.  I loved the front grill and how the door was open.  It was sort of like it was inviting me in.

What drew me in for this photograph was how I captured the the moment of the horse and man charging into the battlefield.  This photograph was taken at the First Battle of Boonville.

I call this photograph “Morning Dew” because how damp it was at Jefferson Expansion Memorial that morning.  You can see the spiderweb on flower also when you look at the photograph.

“Always Poised” came out so amazing I love how the clouds are so detailed.

I rented a wide angle lens to be able to take in the whole Capitol.  I love great architecture and this is GREAT architecture.

This is another one of my favorite photographs I have taken lately.  The sky was so blue and the details of the arch were great.  This is a must see in person.

I love cars because there are soooo many little details you capture.

This photograph came out so great on canvas. This is a giclee canvas print.  I have had it hanging in my house for almost a month.  I am just so smitten with it.

So these are the 8 photographs that I have on exhibit.  Please go check them out if you have a chance.  They are at Capital Arts is at 1203 Missouri Blvd., Jefferson City, MO.

I also have a booth at the Art Bazaar in downtown Jefferson City, MO.