I can not say this better…

I follow several or I follow a lot of photographer from around the country.  There is Jasmine Star in Orange County, CA, Bambi Cantrell in San Fran, CA, Joe McNally, Scott Kelby, David Hobby, Chase Jarvis, Zack Arias and Moose Peterson.  Now if you look up all these photographers you will see one thing they have in common…..which is NOTHING.  Each of these photographers intrigue me in different ways…..Moose Peterson with his wildlife photography, Jasmine Star with her flair for wedding photography, Bambi Cantrell with her ability to pose people….I could go on and on and on about all of them.  But there is a photographer in Pennsylvania that I didn’t mention….Jen McKen.  I first saw her on Facebook with the blog post about not photographing “ugly” people (”Ugly” people referring to bullies).  I cannot begin to applaud her enough for how she stood up and decided that she would not photograph these high school seniors and let them in turn represent her photography business.  Check out the post if you would like to read more about it….i wont photograph ugly people.

So now that you have seen a little bit about Jen McKen this is the blog I think every wedding guest should read before they attend a wedding.

what photogs want YOU to know: wedding guest ettiquette

Now if you read this you know.  I have had this happen to me, so I did not do this at my cousin’s wedding a few months ago.  I went with no flash at all because I did not want to mess up the photographs my cousin was paying someone for.  I have had a guest be rude to me at a wedding, because ……who knows.  I later found out that this guest offer to photograph the wedding for free.  This had nothing to do with me so there was no reason to be rude, get in my way and try to ruin my photographs that I am taking for my clients.

So with all that being said watch this video from WPPI to learn about the Uncle Bobs of the world.


One of my new favorite websites…..Pinterest

After a child’s photo session earlier this week, the mom was telling me about this website called Pinterest.  She was saying how you can look and pin or link images or things you like.  Create boards of these images, and put them into groups.  I have to say this is my second favorite site, after Google of course.  I can find almost anything with a Google search, but lets get back to Pinterest.

You have everything from DIY projects to architecture to photo inspiration to jewelry and hair styles.  You just click everything and these newly pinned images are up on your screen.  Or if you way to look at Wedding and Events click that button and BAM you are looking at images that have to do with Wedding and event ideas.  There is a little bit of everything on this site.  I love the Print category.  It has all these different prints, wall hangings and sayings.  It is a awesome way to find almost anything you didn’t realize you were looking for.  This site can inspire you to do a DIY project on your house.  Inspire you with an idea on how to make your wedding completely different from something you have ever seen before.  It can give you an idea of the exact chair you have been looking for to complete your living room.  It could give you that next big idea to do something that could change your life.  Need an idea for a gift for that person who has everything.  Looking for something different to cook for your next snack day at work.  Look at the tech section for that gotta have gadget. Then this site is just for you.  It has everything under the sun from A to Z.

You have to request an invite or be invited by a friend to create boards.  And the great thing is if your friends join, then you can follow each other.  They post things that they like and there you have it.  An idea what to get them for insert name of holiday here or their birthdays.  If you need an invite email me or let me know and I would be  more than happy to help you out.

Have a great weekend!